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      "The Belbis beam, for one thing," Albin said. "Position, power, protection, punishment. What makes anybody better than anybody else?"Chapter 10

      "Yet it is freedom that kills them," I say.The Tories."

      "Si Klegg, be careful how you call me a liar," answered the Orderly. "I'll"

      He was still looking into her eyes, and she was visited by a terrible feeling that came to her sometimes and went as quicklythat he was not so mad as people thought.



      3. Who helps the explorers dig up the metal?


      One day she was in the dairy at Odiam, skimming the cream-pans. The sunshine, filtered to a watery yellow by the March afternoon, streamed in on her, putting a yellow tinge into her white skin and white apron. Her hair was the colour of fresh butter, great pats and cakes of which stood on the slabs beside her. There was a smell of butter and standing milk in the cold, rather damp air. Naomi skimmed the cream off the pans and put it into a brown bowl."It's horrible," he had said.